What is the best charger for the Samsung Galaxy S21?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 comes without a charger in the box, but that doesn't mean you have to buy one to be able to charge it quickly.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 They come without a charger included in the box. That, however, does not mean that you have to buy a new one in order to take advantage of the fast charge included in the new terminals.

Since Samsung has been betting on technology for some years USB Power Delivery To bring your terminals' fast charging systems to life, you can use old chargers and other brands to be able to quickly recharge any of the three models of the Galaxy S21 series.

But keep in mind that not all chargers work, given that with the new S21, support is introduced for the system called USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply, or USB PD PPS. Therefore, today we wanted to review the requirements that chargers must meet to be able to recharge the family models taking advantage of their fast charging technology, in addition to giving you some affordable options available in the market.

Galaxy S21 Ultra black, rear

The back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in black.

This is the fast charge of the Galaxy S21

First of all, it is worth reviewing the most technical aspects of the fast charging system that includes the company's new terminals.

And is that this year Samsung has decided to reduce the maximum supported charging power for your S21 series devices, 42 to 25W. Thus, while it moves away from industry highest levels, the company ensures a increased durability batteries, as they are subjected to a minor stress and therefore not suffer less degradation.

The fact of using the USB Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply system, implies that phones can also be charged through those chargers with support for the standard Quick Charge 4+. In more technical terms, the terminals and the charger "negotiate" a charge of about 2.6 amps at 9.3 volts to be able to produce the power of 25W.

Of course, Samsung offers buyers of the Galaxy S21 the possibility of buy separately, chargers compatible with the fast charging system of the Galaxy S21 and S21 +, and of course the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

These chargers can be found in stores such as Amazon, at a price that ranges between 19 and 30 euros depending on the chosen model.

Can old chargers be used?

Samsung Galaxy Note10, accessories

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 included a charger in its box.

If at the time you decided to buy a ** Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy S20 Ultra, or one of the models of the Galaxy Note10 or Galaxy Note20 series, and now you have made the leap to one of the latest terminals of the company , you can continue using the charger included with any of these terminals to quickly charge your new S21.

Instead, as explained in Android Authority, the load will look like reduced to a power of 15W if you use a older samsung fast charger, like the one included with the Galaxy S10.

The same happens with the rest of USB Power Delivery chargers from other brands. In most cases, loading speed will be reduced to go to 15W if the charger is compatible with USB PD 2.0 –such as the one included in the Google Pixel or the Xiaomi 30, 40 and 120W chargers–, or 9W in case the charger does not have support for this technology.

The main problem appears when using chargers that use third-party fast charging systems, as OnePlus Warp Charge –in their old editions, since the current ones have support for USB PD–, or the VOOC technology of realme and OPPO. In that case, we will see how the charging speed drops to as low as 0.5W, causing loading times to become frustratingly slow.

What about third party chargers?

In the market it is possible to find a large number of mobile chargers of third-party brands specialized in this type of accessories, such as Belkin, UGREEN, Anker or RavPower, to mention just a few of the most popular.

Most chargers from these companies already include support for USB Power Delivery technology, however, unless they also include USB Power Delivery PPS support, the charging speed in the Galaxy S21 will be reduced to 15W.

Unfortunately, for now there are not too many third-party chargers that support this technology, so buyers of the new Galaxy S21 will find themselves in the situation of having to buy one of the official chargers if they want to charge their devices at the maximum speed possible. Otherwise, you will have to settle for the 15W load provided by the rest of chargers with USB PD.

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