We tested MyHeritage, a free website that claims to have the best AI photo restoration technology: this is its "magic"

In the last year, one of the functions that has benefited the most from artificial intelligence or machine learning has been the restoration of photos. We have used applications such as Remini, which improves the quality of practically any photo even if it is blurred, to AI Picture Restorer Beta, which amazed us with some of its results fixing defects.

Today we will talk about the "MyHeritage Photo Fixer", a website specialized in ancestors and making family trees, but which also offers a service based on Remini technology, that is, with which we can fix photos, old or modern. In my case, I have tried an old photograph of my grandfather that I already tried with Remini, and the result has been spectacular again.

This is how the MyHeritage repairman works


Unlike Remini, with MyHeritage we won't need to download anything to enhance the photos, only register on the web, there is the option to take you to log in, for example with the Google account. Once we do it, the operation is very simple. A photo is uploaded, and the system enhances it in seconds.

How to fix the color of our old scanned photos

The service is free though images will be watermarked. If we want to eliminate it, we will have to pay for the payment plans, which cost from 59 to 129 euros per year. If we don't pay, we will have a limited number of photos to arrange per account, as was the case with Remini.

With the photo already "repaired", MyHeritage offers us a comparator to see the before and after of the image, both globally and face, which is what repairs. We can download the photo or share it on social networks. In addition, the photos are stored in an album that each account has, so if we do not download them at that time we will not lose them.


Xatakafoto test taking the service to the limits, and with a result that is far from generating a person that looks like the original.

Regarding the quality of the service, our colleagues from Xataka Foto have thoroughly tested in different scenarios, and conclude that for some basic arrangements it is great. Like Remini, in very complicated photos, artificial intelligence ends up inventing parts of the face that did not exist in the person photographed. It is clear that where there is no one cannot be taken, but MyHeritage is great for fixing problems like blurring, as we see in this image of a woman generated by "this person does not exist"

Screenshot 2021 02 16 At 12 16 07

The original photo is the big one. The small top one is the original with a Gaussian blur applied, and the bottom one is the one fixed by MyHeritage. As we see, the result is quite close to reality, even if the new image has more contrast and the hair is not so well appreciated. Without a doubt, it is a great service to improve faces in the typical photo that we take quickly and it appears out of focus.

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