We can now install Google Chrome themes on Microsoft Edge, and we have plenty of customization options

Since January it is possible to download themes for Microsoft Edge from the browser's own add-on store, and although the list of featured themes there are only the official ones, there are a few third party themes like this completely black, or this alternative.

There is still little to choose from, but luckily, if you use Edge and want more customization optionsYou can now also install Google Chrome themes from the Chrome Web Store.

Themes for Chrome on Edge

Google Chrome Themes Microsoft Edge

You just have to go to the theme category in the Chrome Web Store, choose the one that interests you and select "Install in Chrome". This assumes that you have already allowed add extensions from the Chrome Web Store to Microsoft Edge, something that is done in a single click and that you will see in a pop-up menu at the top the first time you enter the Google store from Edge.

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Chrome themes basically change three things: window decoration, URL bar and tab colors, and new tab page background. Depending on the theme, you will see or not that these elements change.

Edge Medium Themes

Unfortunately, even though Edge technically supports Chrome themes, and colors are applied correctly, Depending on the theme, you may not see the background on the new tab page in the same way.

If the theme background depends on the theme color and is not a complete image, then in Edge you will see the white background. This is most common with the latest and official Google topics. With third-party themes and older ones, this doesn't happen, since they usually use solid images to decorate the entire browser, like the one in the image above.

Edge Themes Settings

If you want to delete the current topic, just go to Setting Edge and select the option Appearance, or you can directly enter this URL edge: // settings / appearance. There you will see options to choose default theme and custom theme. The "Remove" option lets you remove the current custom theme.

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