Voice memos in direct messages start to hit Twitter

Twitter is testing voice memos in direct messages in Brazil, India and Japan.

Social media is putting texting aside a bit to give more importance to voice messages and a good proof of this is the great success that Clubhouse is having, despite the fact that it is only available to iOS users. The latest to join this trend is Twitter, which has just been included in its application voice memos in direct messages, but at the moment only in some countries.

Twitter will allow you to send voice notes within a direct message

Twitter will allow you to send voice notes within a direct message

This is all we know about voice memos on Twitter

As we can read in The Next Web Twitter just launched direct voice messages, but, for now, They are only available in Brazil, India and Japan.

Clubhouse for Android: when will it be available?

Last year, the social network launched voice tweets, which are limited to 140 seconds and that they have not had great success among users but now the situation is different because audio chats are in fashion and many people are starting to use them.

As of today, if you are a Twitter user in some of the aforementioned countries you can now send a direct voice message to any of your contacts. Keep in mind that these voice notes, like voice tweets, are limited to 140 seconds, something that for some users may be insufficient. %%5Fged2F %7Ctwl2bnext=1% Ctw2f 2F02% 2F17% 2Ftwitter-voice-dm-india-brazil-japan-launch% 2F

The social network of the blue bird has already confirmed that this new function will be available very soon for everyone and it will reach both Android and iOS users. Something that Twitter has also confirmed is that we can listen to these direct voice messages as well through the web version of the application.

Facebook wants to create its own Clubhouse clone

In parallel to this new feature, Twitter is also working on a real alternative to Clubhouse called Spaces, a service of real-time voice chats which is currently in the testing phase and in which only some people have the power to create a room. However, if you are lucky enough to have someone you follow creates a voice room, you will be able to join it.

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