Vodafone sets conditions for its merger with MásMóvil: it wants at least 70%

When everything seemed done for the happy marriage between Vodafone and MásMóvil, it seems that negotiations have stalled to a point where the British operator threatened to look for alternatives together with Orange or other companies to strengthen your position once and for all in the market of telecos.

In fact, it had already been commented a few days ago that one of the main discrepancies between the British and the Spanish brand was in control of both the merger and the joint-venture resulting, in which Vodafone did not want to keep a 50% weight given his greatest contribution to the new company.

Negotiations between Vodafone and MásMóvil for their merger are at a dead end

Vodafone is castled in its negotiations with MásMóvil, or 70% of the 'joint-venture' or there is no agreement.

The negotiations have become entrenched because neither party moves their positions, although according to what they now tell us from VozPópuli it seems that Vodafone has already put its red lines on the table, which would go through keeping 70% of the control of the resulting operator.

Also from MásMóvil, the operator captained by Meinrad Spenger and owner of the Yoigo licenses, they want to lead the merger process ahead of Vodafone, something confirmed by sources close to the operation stating that it is a condition sine qua non of MásMóvil to complete the agreement.

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Both Vodafone and MásMóvil reaffirm their positions of leading the 'joint-venture' resulting from their merger process, something that seems to have established negotiations that seemed to be done a few weeks ago.

They say from Vodafone that their share should be approximately 70%, since they are the third parties by customer share in the Spanish market, with a much higher growth margin and with a bigger contribution in terms of deployment and infrastructures. Proposal "It would be the fairest", according to the British.

No response from MoreMobile, which is limited to affirm that they are not negotiating any merger process with no other company, something that Vodafone also indicates to "official" questions from any medium, avoiding making statements.

What is clear is that the closing of Vodafone's fiscal year will take place next March 31, and that would surely be the deadline to close a deal that satisfies both parties and allows them create the first national operator by number of clients, strengthening the positions against the Asian and American giants and confirming that the second great campaign of mergers of the telecos Spanish.

It should be remembered that, to date, the joint figures of Vodafone and MásMóvil speak of more than 26 million lines, with a market share of 39.2%, leaving in second position Telefónica with just over 24 million lines and 30.2% of Compartir, with Orange third with its almost 17 million lines and 24.2% of the pie of telecos in Spain. Meanwhile, the remaining 6.4% is raffled off by the various existing MVNOs.

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