Twitter continues to embrace audio and integrates direct voice messages in India

Twitter He has been flirting with audio for months and the latest news about this affair comes from India. In this Asian country (and also in Brazil and Japan), the company just launched audio direct messages for both the iOS and Android applications.

The functionality, which for now it's an experiment, It means climbing a step in the voice ladder on Twitter after partial launches for now such as Spaces (his own Clubhouse) or voice tweets and a possible boost for DMs, a communication method that could win integers.

The functionality means going up a step in the audio ladder on Twitter after other launches aimed at capturing not only written messages, but also spoken ones.

Approaching instant messaging

Twitter's direct message system is far from the functionality, versatility and popularity of instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Telegram. Even from other networks that also have private communication channels, such as Instagram.

However, this experiment and its possible results may make those responsible for the San Francisco-based company see that betting on DMs may be a good idea. Especially, making communication more usable, especially from mobile devices.

The duration of the audios per direct message from Twitter is limited to 140 seconds

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The audios by DM of Twitter work in a similar way to those of WhatsApp or Telegram. Users can record their messages by clicking an icon next to the writing box and send them as on any other platform. Of course, the difference is found in that they have a specific duration: can last a maximum of 140 seconds.

These voice messages can be heard before they are sent and, in addition, they can also be heard from the web, although the possibility of sending them, as we said at the beginning, is only available in the iOS and Android applications.

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