To no one's surprise, the country that least trusts 5G is ... the United States

One of the technologies of the future is 5G ... or at least that is what we have been saying for months. Because even though we were promised a higher speed in uploading and downloading data, today you cannot find many differences compared to its predecessor, 4G.

Now, one thing is that 5G is not what we were all expecting and quite another is that we consider that is a threat to humanity and can cause disease. Because indeed, there are still many people against this technology despite being honestly, a great technological evolution.

And the question is, Which is the most averse to 5G country? Indeed, you do not have to be very clever to guess.

The United States does not trust anything in 5G

Image of 5G antennas attacked by false news in relation to the coronavirus

No, 5G will not turn you into a zombie or a werewolf.

According to a recent developer study by Prolifics Testing, American citizens are quite skeptical about 5G.

The company analyzed the behavior of users' online search engines in 155 countries around the world, concluding that searches "Is 5G dangerous?", "Does 5G have health risks?" or "Does 5G spread the coronavirus?" they were more frequent in the United States than in the rest of the countries: up to 374,000 searches per month.

The second most concerned country is the United Kingdom with 94,400 monthly searches followed by Australia with almost 33,000. As for Spain, we are ranked number eleven with 8,000 monthly searches, yes, behind other European countries such as France or Italy.


The United States is the country most concerned about 5G

The countries least concerned about 5G are the Netherlands and Denmark with about 1,000 searches per month about 5G and its alleged problems. Although these are still indicative figures, this study shows that there are many Western countries that are still reluctant to technological changes, something that shows great ignorance.

And no, 5G does not spread any disease and is not dangerous for health either. The only certainty is that there are studies that support that 5G emissions are much lower than those of current networks and that there is no scientific evidence to prove otherwise.

However, 5G still has a lot to prove and it is that today it is still a 4G but with a different name.

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