This WhatsApp trick will help you spend less data on calls

If you are one of those who never have enough 'gigas' in the mobile rate, you should know that WhatsApp has a data saving option ... We show you where!

No hot cloths, let's recognize that here most of us have smartphones just to use WhatsApp, although the most popular instant messaging service on the planet has grown and not only allows chatting, but also send multimedia contents, files and even now also make video calls without leaving WhatsApp.

This certainly consume a lot of data from our mobile rates, leaving dry and without 'gigas' to a lot of users in the middle of the month, and also the memories of our smartphones are loaded in less than it takes our friends to fill the groups of memes, but there is nothing to worry because certainly Facebook has implemented data saving modes in WhatsApp that are not complicated to activate and configure.


If you are one of those who do not have enough gigs ... This is your trick to save on WhatsApp!

We already talked about the first one a long time ago, telling you everything you can do so that WhatsApp does not cannibalize the memory of our devices, preventing any content sent to us from being automatically downloaded and configuring backup copies to be able to delete files from the smartphone without losing them.

How to make WhatsApp use less data, 3 simple tricks that work

If you do not want WhatsApp to be a cannibal of 'gigs', deactivate the automatic download of multimedia content and activate the reduced use of data in calls ... Although that will obviously also limit the quality!

The second of the tricks lies in lower the quality of calls, preventing WhatsApp from using too much data from our mobile rates while we use voice over IP calls within the service, and thus allowing us to save 'gigas' for other applications without spending money on additional data bonuses.

The way to activate this data saving is very simple, because it will be enough that you follow the following steps from the WhatsApp app:

  1. Access the WhatsApp settings by clicking on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Find the function of "Storage and data".
  3. Activate the 'toggle' which indicates "Use less data for calls".

Obviously activating this option will limit the quality of calls and video calls, making it probably not as good as before, but at least you save some data to continue using them on Instagram or other applications ... It wasn't overly difficult, was it?

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