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This website is the Swiss army knife for converting documents, files, audios, ebooks, images and more

More times than we think we need a file converter In our life. To change the format of an image, that of an electronic book, that of a song, that of a video, that of a document, that of a PDF ... surely you can think of several occasions in which you have needed to carry out a conversion finding yourself in the position of looking for a good tool for this purpose.

We have the option of looking for the one that suits our specific need, the most recommended for practicality is that it is a utility on-line, or make use of one that practically meets all the conversions that we are going to need on a day-to-day basis. A website like Online Convert, a true Swiss Army knife of conversion of files.

Online Convert is a Swiss Army Knife of file conversion

Online Convert converts all kinds of multimedia files online and for free

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This website that we present to you today, Online Convert, is special because it allows you to carry out a lot of conversions of all kinds: audio, documents, web services, software, video, electronic books, devices, images, files ... It is extremely versatile.

It is one of those web applications that we can set in the favorites of our browser, even in the bookmarks bar, because we can be convinced that sooner or later we will need it. To convert a PDF to Word, a PNG to JPG, an MP4 to MP3, an EPUB to MOBI, a DOC to PDF or a MKV to MP4. You will find most of the conversions that you can think of here.

In addition to carrying out a multitude of different conversions, this tool allows us to configure a series of options settings to improve the conversion result

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Use the tool it is as simple as accessing it and choosing between the available options. For example, if we want to transform a PDF into a DOC, we simply have to click on the drop-down found in Document converter, to select Convert to DOC and a page appears in which to upload the original file.

From there, at the time of conversion we will find a series of optional settings that we can use. In the case of the previous example, we will have the possibility to indicate what the source language is, if we want the conversion to be monochrome or if we want an optical character recognition to be carried out. When all the options are to our liking, click on the button Start conversion and ready.