this was the SpareOne Plus

This "mobile" worked with only one battery and had no screen.

The battery is one of the most important elements of a smartphone. Because none of us wants to be stranded in the middle of the day, we usually look for mobile devices with good autonomy or, failing that, fast charging.

As many of you will remember, at the beginning smartphones came with removable batteries, which allowed to increase the useful life of the phones since you only had to replace one battery with another when it was wearing out. However with the excuse of making smartphones more elegant and especially thinner, this feature was lost.

But, Did you know that battery-powered mobiles came into existence? And yes, the duration of these far exceeded that of current phones.

This was the SpareOne Plus, the phone that operated on batteries

SpareOne Plus

The SpareOne Plus only needed one AA battery to function

The SpareOne Plus was quite a different terminal. Not only because on the one hand it was a support device since it was designed for emergency cases (designed for first responders at first) but because it only needed an AA battery for its operation.

The most curious thing is that while current terminals last one or at most two days of use, this curious terminal could be in standby mode for up to 15 years (according to GSMArena account). In addition to it, it was waterproof.

Of course the SpareOne Plus was a really basic terminal. It only had 2G connectivity and obviously we could not access social networks or WhatsApp with it. It basically served to make a phone call.

Like many other terminals of the time, you could save up to 9 favorite contacts to access them instantly with the keyboard of the device and, unlike other mobiles, this did not have a screen. A voice told you what number you had dialed in case one makes a mistake when dialing the number ...

The battery lasted 10 hours in talk time and we only needed a SIM card to run the phone. Unfortunately it did not have an FM radio, something that the most basic mobiles did.

The SpareOne Plus was not very successful due to its high price of 60 dollars and we also understand by the absence of screen. Years later a version with 3G came out but it seems that not many people were interested.

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