This Twitter bot reminds you, whenever you want, the tweets or threads you want to see or read later

Twitter users can find a multitude of content daily that are of interest to us. Tweets themselves, threads, articles, videos, photos ... What happens is that we cannot always pay them the attention that we would like at that moment and we prefer to save them for later. On platforms like Pocket, for example, or other similar solutions.

However, there are simpler and more effective options as Remember me bot. A Twitter bot programmed to remind us of the tweets that we indicate when we tell it. We do not need browser extensions or additional applications.

Remember meBot is a bot programmed to remind you of the tweets you want whenever you want

A bot to read later on Twitter

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The operation of Remember MeBot is quite simple. Let's imagine that we have found a very interesting thread that we cannot read at that moment, because we have to dedicate ourselves to other occupations, although at night when we have free time we want to take a look at it.

Well, it would be enough to answer the thread in question mentioning the bot, that is, writing "@RecuerdameBot", followed by the word "remind me" and the moment in which we want the tweet to remind us, "in 6 hours" for example. Without quotes, of course. After the indicated hours, the bot will write us back replying to the tweet in which we mentioned it to remember that we have that pending thread. Fantastic.

The most interesting thing is that Remember meBot supports various ways of asking you to remind us of something Twitter, all of them natural and not complex expressions.

  • Remind me on 11/12/2022

  • Remind me on 11/12 at noon

  • Remind me tomorrow morning

  • Remind me in 6 days in the afternoon

  • Remind me in 2 hours

  • Remind me on Tuesday at 5 PM

  • Remind me in two weeks

  • Remind me in a year and 3 months

  • Remind me in November of next year

  • Remind me tonight

  • Remind me in 2036

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Before you start using it, yes, it is important to set your time. It's as simple as writing to the bot and saying "My current time is XX: XX". We can indicate the time both in 24 hour format and by adding PM or AM.

Further, in case we want to add additional information In the reminder tweet, we can write the indications in brackets and the rest of the information outside of them. Thus, Remember MeBot will know what information to process.

Finally, it should be noted that we can cancel reminders saying "cancel my reminder", "forget my reminder" or "delete the reminder", for one in particular, or to do it with all. In this case, mentioning it and saying "delete all my reminders", "delete my reminders" or "cancel reminders".

Remember me bot is a creation of Francisco Induni, a Computer Science student at the University of Buenos Aires fond of programming, editing and animation.

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