This is what a Full Stack developer does: an off-road job profile

The speed at which web technologies evolve and new programming methodologies emerge causes, in turn, the appearance of new professional profiles in the field of web programming.

And one of the most recent (and powerful) is that of Full Stack developer. In fact, the first to point out the existence of this profile (and to name it) was Laurence Gellert, author of 'Fundamental Software Skills: Timeless lessons from a professional developer' back in 2012.

Defining concepts

A Full Stack developer is what we might call a off-road web programmer: the one who knows and is capable of developing both the 'front end' and the 'back end' of a web application, so they do not remain oblivious to any of the aspects of its creation and development.

This requires, of course, a very complete technical profile and some previous experience due to the wide catalog of technologies with which you must develop in your day to day... and of which you have the responsibility to keep up to date.

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But first, let's clarify what we mean:

  • FrontEnd: This part of the 'stack' refers to the client side, the interface between the user and the server. Everything related to the aesthetics, usability and accessibility of the web application falls into this section, which means knowing technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax, Angular or Jquery.

  • BackEnd: By discard, this other side of the stack refers to the server side ... to the storage, the database, the APIs and the logic of the application itselfí (responsible for processing the information and sending it to the frontend). Here the catalog of technologies to use is even broader: from PHP, ASP.NET or NodeJS to MySQL or MongoDB, through Python / Django or Ruby.

Requirements and expectations

The Full Stack developer profile also requires being able to work as a team, not only with other developers, but also with other professionals such as graphic designers (for the frontend) or system administrators (for the backend).

In fact, with regard to the latter, it is recommended that a developer of this class be handled with concepts related to the field of networks and virtualization.

More and more, many companies choose to favor these off-road profiles when hiring developers; Y no, this trend is not limited to SMEs (which, due to their limited templates, usually require more versatile developers).

Furthermore, even where all three developer profiles coexist, the salary prospects for Full Stacks are higher: according to the 2020 Developer Survey from Stack Overflow, the global median salary for these is $ 54,000 per year, compared to $ 53,000 for BackEnd or $ 49,000 for FrontEnd.

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