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This is Paramount +, a new global competitor to Netflix or HBO Max that arrives in March with movie premieres, although not in Spain

When it seemed that HBO Max was the last great service to swell the list of competitors in the streaming war, ViacomCBS has reminded us that by 2021 it had a great ace up its sleeve to compete with Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and company, and it is none other than Paramount +.

It is a platform with which they will make global the local commitment that in the United States they had with CBS All Access, which was responsible for jewels such as 'Star Trek Discovery', 'Picard' or 'The Good Fight'.

In the midst of a pandemic context, the plan is greater than competing with content focused on streaming, and similar to how Warner is going to do on HBO Max, Paramount + will release movies at no extra cost 45 days after they have been released cinemas. And we talk about big blockbusters like 'Mission Impossible 7' or highly anticipated movies like 'A quiet place 2'.

A global bet this 2021 in which Latin America is but (for now) not Spain

Paramount Plus

In its announcement, ViacomCBS has mentioned the word global several times, and this is its launch, as Paramount + will arrive in the United States, Canada and Latin America on March 4, to the Nordic countries on March 25 and to Australia at the end of the year. In addition to Asia, a great market that is missed on the list is Europe beyond the Nordic bet, so in Spain we will have to wait for new announcements.

At least we know that the bet with Paramount + includes Spanish-speaking countries, which is already something. And it must be remembered that ViacomCBS owns Pluto TV, which has recently been launched in countries such as Spain, Italy or France.

Returning to the content, ViacomCBS talks about the catalog being made up of more than 30,000 series episodes, 2,500 movies and more than 1,000 live sporting events (although all this focused on the United States). In addition, they will have content from the Champions League, Europa League, NFL, PGA Tour, the US Women's Soccer League and more.

Among the catalog of own series that may arrive in the next two years are 'Halo', 'Frasier', 'Criminal minds',' iCarly ',' The Real World ',' Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies ', Y series of the universes of Avatar, Star Trek and SpongeBob SquarePants. For children, they promise more than 7,000 dedicated chapters, and other genres also stand out such as reality shows, which will have 5,000 chapters, or comedy, which will receive 6,000 chapters.

As for prices, in the United States there will be two plans. A premium one that will cost the standard ones $ 9.99 per month, and a cheaper one with ads for $ 4.99. In Mexico, according to our colleagues from Xataka Mexico, the price will be 79 pesos, which is equivalent to 3.17 euros, and it has not been mentioned if it includes advertising.