This is the official Android 12 update schedule

Android 12 will have three versions for developers and four beta editions. This is the official schedule for the new update.

The next few months are going to be a sea of ​​fun for the Android followers. Since the arrival of the first Android 12 developer preview, there will be nothing less than seven new versions of Android 12 before the arrival of the definitive edition.

This has been confirmed by Google itself in the official calendar with the planning of the development and deployment of Android 12, which reflects the different deliveries that will be arriving over the coming months.

Android 12

Android 12, the new version of Google's operating system.

Three previews for developers and four Android 12 “betas”

As can be seen in the planning set by Google, there will be up to three Android 12 developer previews, which will be released during each month until May.

It will be in the fifth month of the year when Google enables the Android 12 beta program, thus giving the possibility of test android 12 to all those users who have a compatible mobile phone and want to enjoy the news.

Later, other two beta versions between June and July, designed to add new functions and to seek greater stability. The final beta will be ready in August, and it will seek to reach the greatest possible platform stability, before the arrival of the candidate version, prior to the final edition of Android 12.

Android 12 Calendar

As you can see, it is not a very different plan from last year, although everything indicates that this year we will have to wait a little longer until we can have the final edition of Android 12 among us.

In any case, it is worth noting that initially, this calendar only applies to Pixel devices. It is unknown which manufacturers will join the initiative of offer the beta of Android 12 to the owners of their devices beyond Google, but hopefully some names like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo or Nokia, which already in the past have been anticipated by offering versions beta Android for your reference devices.

FebruaryDeveloper Preview 1Initial release focused on developer feedback, with new features, API, and behavior changes.
MarchDeveloper Preview 2Incremental update with additional features, APIs, and behavior changes.
AprilDeveloper Preview 3Incremental update for stability and performance.
MayBeta 1Initial release in beta quality. Deployment through OTA for “early adopters” enrolled in the Android Beta program.
June JulyBeta 2, 3Incremental beta updates.
AugustBeta 4Platform stability APIs and final behaviors. The publication of apps targeting the Android 12 API opens on Google Play.
CandidateVersion "release candidate".Last version before the final one.
FinalFinal versionFinal Android 12 version. Code publication in AOSP and distribution in the ecosystem.
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