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This is the new section with movies and adult series that brings 4K and HDR in a large catalog

After a few months' wait, Disney + subscribers in Spain can finally see that, from this morning, in addition to the Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel or National Geographic sections, they are also being offered the Star section, a new section or sub-platform in which the US company will offer a set of series and films focused on adult audiences.

But, How does star work? Let's see the highlights.

A very focused first time on parental controls


The first time we open the application, Disney + will show an animation that adds the Star content box to those of the rest of the franchises from Disney. From there, we will have to choose whether to see only a part of the catalog or the entire catalog.

This is because, as they recounted, The platform assumes that by default we are 14 years old, and to see content with a +18 rating, it will ask us for our account password and activate that filter in each of the profiles. It is not a tedious process and the control is appreciated, but it is better to do it on the web or in the mobile application if our password is long.

A catalog in which we can see 4K and HDR content


One of the great doubts that there was regarding Star was in what quality its contents were going to be offered. Going into his movies section, the answer is clear: most movies are in HD resolution, which is what they call 1080p or Full HD.

However, if we go to content that we know has been released in 4K UHD HDR, such as the 'Die Hard' movies or the 'Alien' saga, we can see that the 4K badge appears and, on certain occasions, the Dolby Vision or HDR10.

This does not mean that all the movies that have been released on Blu-Ray UHD will be in this quality, but at least we know that the option is there and it is likely that much of what will arrive will land in that quality.