this is the new photographic sensor from Omnivision

Photographic sensors are becoming more and more important in the mobile world as they specialize and improve their features while their demand for more cameras per phone increases. The market is dominated by Sony and Samsung, but others like Omnivision have more and more relevance and it is thanks to a job well done and good progress.

The latest from this manufacturer has to do with the phase detection focusing system. Omnivision has presented a sensor that has PDAF focusing capability over its entire surface, apparently improving not only the precision but also the speed of focus in mobile phones that choose to mount it in the future.

100% surface working on focus

QPD approach

Omnivision's new photographic sensor is called the OV50A and becomes the first in the world to incorporate phase detection focus across its entire surface. We talk about what 100% of your pixels are software matched, so that the sensor is capable of applying PDAF focus algorithms with all of them and not with the usual 5% or 6% of the rest of the sensors.

This is how PDAF focusing works, one of the fastest and most accurate focusing systems in the mobile world

We are talking about a photographic sensor for mobile phones with 50 megapixels of total capacity and pixels of 1 micrometer on each side. The size of it is 1 / 1.5 inches and it has a PDAF focus, as we have said, on 100% of its surface. This new design is called QPD and, as Omnivision indicates, it will carry "DSLR-level autofocus performance to smartphone cameras".

"One of the biggest selling points of mobile phones is camera performance, and the gap has been bridging with DSLR cameras over the years. Our QPD autofocus technology now makes that gap even wider. small, bringing DSLR-level autofocus performance to smartphone cameras "

Omnivision's new QPD focus, built into its new OV50A sensor, enables better distance calculation, better sensor performance in low light, and improved sensor autofocus speed. The sensor is capable of recording 8K video with QPD auto focus at 30fps, and can bring 4K recording to 90fps. The sensor is expected to hit premium line phones soon.

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