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Many Instagram users have found themselves in the last hours with a message asking if they want to add WhatsApp to their profile on the social network. This new notification can appear in two ways: either in the main profile or at the access "Edit profile" in "contact options". The available options are email, phone number, business address and now also WhatsApp.

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By clicking on this last option you can select or add the phone number associated with the WhatsApp account you want. If you do, Instagram will send a verification code to that messaging network in order to activate the integration.


At the moment, this integration appears only in professional accounts. Anyway, considering that professional profiles are easy to do, may have them private persons. Many people do it because this format gives the option of accessing more detailed statistics and information on the interaction with publications by third parties and many people and not only companies, have professional profiles.

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More integration options for the different Facebook platforms

This will mean that those profiles that integrate this new feature on Instagram they can also receive messages from clients or followers through the WhatsApp number that they include. As the notification message explains, if you activate this function, you can also send WhatsApp messages directly from a button on the Instagram profile.

At first it seems that the objective is the stores and businesses that sell online using the tools of the Facebook giant, in a step towards the integration of the messaging tools of all of them, to be able to maintain multichannel connections with customers.

This notification can be ignored to not accept the integration, so it is totally optional. In fact, there is not even an official statement from the spokespersons yet of these social platforms, not all users are receiving it, so it could be a test to see the acceptance that users could have towards this novelty in their profiles.

In 2019, Mark Zuckerberg's intention to integrate his social platforms was made public. A plan that by issue of regulations (as in Europe the Data Protection Law) and by controversies with users (such as the massive migration from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal in early 2021 after announcing that the messaging tool and Facebook would share information), is developing slowly.

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