this is how Samsung imagines augmented reality glasses in two leaked videos

Samsung announced the closure of its virtual reality services last year, leaving its virtual reality glasses unsupported. According to leaked videos, it may not be the end of the road for virtual and augmented reality at Samsung, revealing two conceptual models of augmented reality glasses.

Under the name of Samsung Glasses Lite Y Samsung AR Glasses, we have two augmented reality glasses with which you could consult content, play games, attend holographic virtual meetings and other similar scenarios.

Concept glasses from Samsung

Videos come from the frequently successful leaker WalkingCat, which has shared them on Twitter without much context beyond the text "R & D concept?". In both cases they are promotional and possibly conceptual videos, which highlight the possible scenarios in which these could be used. samsung augmented reality glasses.

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The first video corresponds to the Samsung Glasses Lite, some augmented reality glasses more than "walking around the house". The last name Lite seems to indicate that they would have lower capabilities than other similar glasses. For example, they do not seem to have a camera or sensors to capture movements: the interactions with them that are seen in the video are through other devices, such as a mobile phone or a smartwatch.

Looking like normal glasses, although with a comically larger design than normal, especially on the temples. In the video we see some of its possible applications: to act as a screen to play games, watch movies or as laptop dex screen, in addition to being able to answer video calls or, in a more mundane tone, tint the screen to act as sunglasses.

As a commenter on Twitter added, the design appears to match that of this Samsung patent, of a "portable display device that allows the user to view a screen while wearing it."

Patent glasses Image from a Samsung patent

The second video arrives with the title Next Wearable Computing or "next portable computing", although text is included at the end of the video Samsung AR Glasses, which could be the name of the product or product category. They are not the same glasses in the previous video, but it seems to be its more complete relative.

In this case, the glasses behave more like Microsoft Hololens, with the necessary sensors to recognize and interpret gestures and hand movements. Without details about its specific operation, we can see them in action typing on a virtual keyboard, manipulating holographic 3D objects and in 3D video calls. The appearance is similar to that of the Samsung Glasses Lite, although a little more prominent on the bridge.

Concepts, concepts are, so it will be necessary to see if they end up materializing or not. As concepts, they are not very far from what other competing products have already achieved, such as HoloLens, Magic Leap or Google Glass, but it remains to be seen if Samsung will dare to launch itself into augmented reality again, especially now that the rumors of Apple glasses are sounding more and more force.

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