This is how it works and this is how the satellite Internet conditions of Elon Musk's company are

SpaceX, the aerospace company founded by Elon Musk, announced in November that planned to bring his Starlink project to Europe in "February or March" 2021 And, indeed, it is already in Spain, at least in its beta version.

Remember that this signature puts 'swarms' of small satellites into orbit to provide Internet access faster than most services and technologies available for now.

“Starlink is available for a limited number of users per coverage area at this time. Orders will be dealt with in order of arrival "is what the official website explains. What you can do is enter your email and your residence address: street and town.

Conditions and prices of the service in Spain


If you cannot find your place, the web offers you access to the Google support website so that you can locate your 'Plus Code' and you can enter that code to locate your location or the site where you would like to be able to order Starlink services. Taking into account that These SpaceX satellites seek to be the alternative to traditional options to reach more places and regions geographic locations, it's easy for your place, even if it's a village, to be on Starlink's list of options.

In the United States, in beta, Starlink came to offer speeds variables between 50 and 150 Mbps and in some cases they have reached 203.74 Mbps and a ping of 18 ms. In the North American country, the first where the Starlink tests arrived, the public beta has had high costs (if we compare with other Internet services): installation of $ 499 and a monthly fee of $ 99.

As Xataka has verified, in Spain the prices are somewhat higher. When you sign up, Starlink discloses to users its prices for the service. The first thing is the hardware, which costs 499 euros, and shipping, which amounts to 60 euros. This includes a circular antenna with a tripod, the necessary cabling and a router. The cost, after, if all the terms are accepted, it will be 99 euros per month.


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In addition, if you register and want to be part of this beta, you must already pay 99 euros which are "fully refundable" and "do not guarantee the service". Further, it is also possible to return the Starlink kit within 30 days for a full refund. And it is that we will have to wait since "Starlink aims to cover your area in mid to late 2021".

Starlink could be the solution to the Internet problems of emptied Spain

rural telework

At the end of 2019, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation published that "81% of the Spanish population has Internet coverage at more than 100 Mbps". That figure left almost 20% of people without access to decent connection speeds (and keep in mind that Starlink's low latency leads to very good speeds and that, as we mentioned earlier, the United States has reached 203.74 Mbps in rural areas).

People who live in the country may also need good internet speeds. More with teleworking that has led many people to move out of large urban or business centers. Rural coworking or telecommuters who choose isolated and natural environments are a trend in recent years. And Internet access and fast Internet speed are key in this social transformation.

They say from Starlink that their service is "ideal for areas of the world where connectivity is usually a problem. As it is not limited by traditional terrestrial infrastructure, Starlink can bring high-speed broadband Internet to places where access has been unreliable or unavailable at all "in the past.

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