this free app is the best alternative to listen to music without ads

Free, with songs from around the world and without ads, this is the ideal application to replace Spotify.

Spotify is the most popular application for streaming music on the planet, but what if we told you that there is a free app with which you can listen to music without ads?

In this article we want to recommend you call Radio Garden, an ideal tool for discover new music from any corner of the planet and, especially, to avoid annoying publicity.

Specifically, this application gives you direct access to a large number of radio stations from around the world. You can rotate the globe, place your finger at random and let yourself be surprised by the best music networks of the chosen area. We tell you more about Radio Garden, below.

Radio Garden App

Radio Garden is an app with which you can listen to stations from all over the world.

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Radio Garden, the best alternative to Spotify to listen to music without ads

Radio is one of the main means of diffusion of music that has existed for decades, so we want to encourage you to discover new songs using Radio Garden.

It is a free app for Android with which you can connect to stations from anywhere on the planet. Madrid, New York, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires ... No matter where you are, with Radio Garden you can listen to the songs of thousands of music stations.

To take advantage of all the advantages of this app, the first thing you should do after downloading it is to open it and click on the Play button to access a globe full of green dots representing each city with stations available on Radio Garden.

Rotate the globe until you find the point where the radio you want to listen to is located and one of them will automatically start playing. To see all you can hear from each point, tap on the name of the city that appears at the bottom of the screen. When it comes to a music station, under its name you can also see the name of the song that is playing.

If the chain catches your attention and you want to save it to listen to it later, tap on its name to display a menu of options where you will find the heart icon that you should click. Then, from the “Favorites” tab on the bottom bar, you will be able to access all the stations that you have “liked”.

On the other hand, if you want to go directly to the station you like, click on "Search" and enter the name of it. You can also search by city or country, or check the recommendations made by the application itself.

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Once you start listening to a station, you can do it without interruption, that is, the typical ads will not appear of the free version of Spotify to annoy you.

For this reason, and because of the great tool it represents to know and listen to music without barriers, Radio Garden has become for us a great alternative to Spotify.

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