They create an app that reminds you that you should call your loved ones more

Don't send them a WhatsApp, call them! With this ingenious app you will never forget that you should call your loved ones, as she will be in charge of reminding you.

The arrival of messaging applications such as WhatsApp in our lives has caused a significant decrease in the time we spend calling our loved ones. Admittedly, the ability to communicate instantly thanks to these apps is a great advantage, but nothing like a phone call in which we can hear and feel the voice of our family and friends.

If faced with this "problem" you also sing the "mea culpa", you should be aware of the existence of a recently created tool that takes care of remind you that you should call your loved ones more.

His name is Call your friends and its objective is clear: to get you to keep in touch with your loved ones over the phone alerting you every day that you have some calls to make. Let's know more about this interesting application.

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An app to remind you that you should call your loved ones more

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If you often forget to call your loved ones, this app will be of great use to you.

Those responsible for Fast Company, the company behind this project, know that it is difficult to maintain close relationships with your loved ones as you go through the many tasks of your busy life.

To help you achieve this more easily, they have developed Call Your Friends, an online platform in which you must record the name of those friends and family whom you want to call regularly. Also, you can enter their birthday dates (optional) and how often you want to keep in touch.

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Afterwards, the application will take care of sending you reminders in the form of text messages so you keep in mind that you must call the members of the list that you have registered.

Once you have called them, you must let Call Your Friends know so that restart the countdown until the new reminder. In addition, this platform is responsible for notifying you also on the birthday of your loved ones

Call Your Friends App

Call Your Friends will send you reminders to call your friends.

Little by little, with the help of this app you will be able to improve your social relationships with the people who matter most to you. The idea is that you keep in touch with them, not that the relationships are 100% perfect, that's why nothing happens if one day you don't have time to make the call. Call Your Friends will keep reminding you until it is possible for you.

Finally, we must mention that having the help of Call Your Friends has a $ 2 annual price (around 1.70 euros), with the possibility of enjoying Free initial 30 days. Also, if you are not satisfied with the operation of the app, you can request a refund.

You know, visit the Call Your Friends website, subscribe to the service, enter the names of the family and friends you don't want to lose and let the app remind you that not everything is solved with a WhatsApp, sometimes the best is a phone call.

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