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They are not going to give it to you, but a phishing campaign wants to make you believe that they are

The appeal they cause Lidl products are often used as lures to try to mislead consumers and steal their data. Now the famous Monsieur Cuisine Silvercrest Kitchen Robot marketed by Lidl is being used as a hook to get you to bite into a cheated email.

Therefore, If you receive an email advising that for buying at Lidl you have points to get Lidl's famous kitchen robot for a modest amount, be careful: the Internet User Security Office (OSI) and the Civil Guard have just warned that it is a phishing attack that seeks to obtain your personal and bank details.

How to identify this phishing attack on behalf of Lidl

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On the one hand, from the OSI they warn what are the aspects that you must take into account to identify why this email is a phishing attack and not from an actual offer.

  • Sender is an account that does not belong to Lidl.

  • The subject is "[Notificación] - Appointment 02/19/2021: Recipient's name " (Although the office adds that it does not rule out that this same phishing attack could be spreading with other similar issues).

  • Not personalized, but rather it is directed to the user in a generic way.

  • There are misspellings and mistakes in the message.

Furthermore, Lidl has yet to say anything about this new attack announced today, has already been used in the past for other similar matters and in the Twitter intended for your service customer service reminds that:

  • ALL our communications and sweepstakes we do them on our channels OFFICIALS.

  • We never ask for bank details, don't share them.

  • Identify our social profiles by blue check tick.

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In addition to all this, we must remember that the kitchen robot can no longer be marketed in Spain: just a few weeks ago, Lidl lost the legal battle against Vorwerk, manufacturer of the Thermomix. For this reason, last month the Barcelona Mercantile Court determined that this Lidl product had infringed the Thermomix patent and condemned them to withdraw all their machines from the market.

How This New Phishing Attack Works

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Looking at the tweet shared this morning by the Civil Guard it is possible to read how many users post having received that email, supposedly from Lidl and that offers the consumer the possibility of getting the famous kitchen robot. The Internet User Security Office warn that what they want is "your card". The alleged mail from a famous supermarket includes a button with the call to action "Confirmation procedure and continuation".

Whoever clicks and accesses the button arrives at a page that really looks like Lidl, with the image of the famous robot. On that screen they will ask you for your personal data and if you select continue, you access the payment screen, where they ask for the card details to pay the two euros of the robot. It will give you an error, but they will have already obtained your data.

If when you read this warning you have already bitten, get in touch with your bank and report what happened, as with any phishing attack that includes your banking information.

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