These are Spotify's tips to make your recommendations better

One of the problems that Spotify users often encounter is that the music that the platform offers them not hit with their personal tastes and that, between theme and theme, songs appear that do not fit either their mood or their preferences in general. Therefore, Spotify has published some tricks that allow you to personalize the experience within the platform of music. In this app with 60 million songs and more than 2 million podcasts, knowing how to customize its use will help you discover songs that are of your style.

As a curiosity, in the month of January 2021, the lists 'News Radar', 'Weekly Discovery' and 'Daily Mix' have been listened to for more than 1 billion minutes.

5 tricks for Spotify to offer you personalized content


The platform has revealed 5 tricks to discover an artist, style or podcaster that you might like, based on what Spotify knows about you:

one.Visit the 'Especially for you' section. In the home tab of Spotify there is a section that is precisely called “especially for you”. Here is a content catalog created according to preferences collected by Spotify. Within this tab there are different song lists.

On the one hand, there is the weekly discovery, showing every Monday 30 new song suggestions according to the musical tastes of each user. Another list is the 'Daily Mix' that is updated daily and based on songs you have recently listened to. Includes songs already heard and new ones. In third place there is the option "Successes that have escaped you" is a Spotify novelty that can be found by typing in its name in the search engine of the platform and that reveals to users songs from last year that they have not listened to but that Spotify thinks they may like a lot

2.Interacting with songs, artists, and playlists will help personalize the experience. In this case, Spotify recommends users to like the songs they like in the heart on the left side; use the like or hide buttons (the latter available in the mobile app) to help Spotify understand what you like and what you don't want. In addition, the favorites will be collected in the playlist called 'Songs you like'.

3.Create your own radio station to listen to music of a very specific genre or artist. Spotify Radio has different functions. On the one hand there is the Artists Radio to search for any artist on Spotify. For it you have to access the three points under the artist's image, select 'Go to radio' and Spotify will play that person's music. Another function is the song radio, with the aim of playing songs similar to your favorite songs. To do this you have to click on the three points in the row of the song, select 'Go to the radio' and you will be able to listen to content of this style.

Four.About podcasts: how to discover the podcast that best suits your preferences?. There are different ways to personalize this content. On one side is the 'podcast hits' option with a section designed to help users discover new shows. There are two types of charts: the 'Top Podcasts' list, with a selection of the 200 most popular podcasts of the moment, and the 'Trending Podcasts' list, with the ranking of the 50 podcasts that are trending. Remember that this platform also has original podcasts.

5.Browse by genre of music. Spotify talks about browsing the charts by genre, moods or activity. In the "Search" tab, there is the option to browse by genres, moods or activities.

Spotify wants to go further to discover the mood


A few days ago it was announced that it has been granted a technological patent that aims to use voice recordings users and background noise to determine what type of music to select and recommend.

The name of the patent is "Identification of taste attributes from an audio signal", and describes a method and product for processing audio signals in which voices or background noise that is examined through speech recognition technology, to isolate dialog and environmental metadata from noise, and determine multimedia content preferences based on these .

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The patent describes the possible uses of the technology and talks about the extraction of "intonation, stress, rhythm and other similar elements from the speech units of the user's voice." And it goes so far as to imply that the Spotify application can even use that data to categorize the user's mood as "happy, upset, sad, or neutral."

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