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The Samsung Galaxy Watch and Watch Active begin to be updated with improvements of the most modern watches

Samsung has started the update cycle for two of its longest-running smartwatches: the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Both receive the most current version of the operating system, Tizen 5.5. In addition, the update includes improvements to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, the most modern watches in the brand's catalog.

Samsung's portfolio in terms of smartwatches and activity bracelets is not nearly as broad as that of mobile phones, but it is nonetheless well nourished. In general, the brand updates its smartwatches every year with a model that rotates between the classic (Watch) and the sporty (Watch Active) style. In addition, you often update older devices frequently, even those that are more than two years old.

Photo notifications, voice-guided workouts, and more

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 02

The Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch Active are smart watches that have seen much of the specifications inherited in recent models. In fact, the processor, key to the operation of any device, has not changed from the original Galaxy Watch; a detail that facilitates the update of old models with functions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

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According to SamMobile account, Samsung has updated the system version of the previous watches to bring them up to Tizen 5.5. With this, a notable improvement in performance and stability is obtained, as well as some new features that were already present in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Possibility of receiving notifications with photos, compatibility with AR Emoji and Bitmoji, scrolling screenshots, voice-guided cycling and running workouts, voice guidance via Bluetooth-connected headphones, and other minor updates, owners of both smartwatches will get a breath of fresh air in the form of new firmware.

The update of the Galaxy Watch and Watch Active is currently active in South Korea and the United States, two of the countries that Samsung usually starts with. Then it will reach the rest of the territories where the clocks were distributed.

Via | Sammobile