The prompts to activate Microsoft Edge notifications will be displayed or not depending on whether most of them activate them on a web

Browser notifications, and notifications to activate them, They have long been one of the great headaches of browsing the Internet today. For this reason, most developers have been taking steps such as that requests to allow notifications are silenced by showing an icon that indicates that the website we are on offers us notifications to tell us their news.

Until now, Microsoft's method with the "new" Edge was just that, show an icon silently that tells us that we can activate them if we want. But Microsoft has been testing another behavior, more community, and they are going to deploy it with Edge 88. It will consist of showing or not the notification of notifications depending on the number of users who normally activate or block them on a specific website.

More balance for Edge


With this decision, Microsoft seems to want to find a balance. It makes sense that in web applications such as Outlook, Gmail, Slack or WhatsApp Web, users want to accept notifications and therefore they are offered to activate them, but that in means of doubtful veracity, even malware websites, the browser does not inform us of its existence.

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For those users who want to revert to the previous behavior, there is the option. What's more, if we block three notifications notifications consecutively, Edge will assume that we do not want more notifications, and will only be offered silently, that is, in the navigation bar next to the favorite star icon.

Hopefully the other Chromium browsers will follow Edge's lead. Mozilla, for example, has been researching with telemetry how to tackle what they consider to be a problem for some time. In 2019 they said that in their study, only 3% were accepted, and 19% made users leave the webs directly. Part of the fault of the second is that some websites show them too fast when loading, something that Microsoft itself does not advise within good practice.

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