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The Perseverance parachute carried to Mars a hidden message in Python language that they have revealed on Twitter

"Dare Mighty Things." The NASA and JPL parachute, the Perseverance rover, which arrived on Mars a few days ago, equipped with everything necessary to travel the neighboring planet for a long time It came with a message that Internet users have taken care of decrypting through platforms like Twitter or Reddit.

There are two curiosities about these three words: first, what do they mean? And in second place,how programming lovers managed to discover this hidden message of NASA engineers?

This is how the photos of Perseverance travel from Mars to Earth and your Twitter account in a few minutes

Ask me whatever you want


Taking advantage of the Reddit space AMA (ask me anything) some professionals from the Space Agency started one of these interactions with Internet users.

"We are scientists and engineers working on NASA's Perseverance rover and in the Ingenuity helicopter that just landed on Mars. Ask us what you want! "A question that gave a lot of play. There were several users who asked if the parachute came with a hidden message.

Adam Nelessen, a camera engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, responded just to say the answer was not JPL (the initials of the laboratory that holds so many images of space) in the face of a question from a user who shared a tweet that had been shared by thousands of people in which an MIT student claimed that the parachute put those three letters.

Two hours later, user rdtwt1 said that the response to the message was "Dare Mighty Things" without giving further details of how he reached that conclusion. Until a few hours later, another user shared the Twitter profile of a computer science student, Abela Paf, what said he had reached such a conclusion together with his father and a knowledge of Python.

Is this the correct answer? Abela Paf's Twitter followers still they are requesting to NASA and Perseverance to confirm this answer, through Twitter.

The meaning of the three words


Another user who also came to the same conclusion, Adithya Bajali explained that "Dare Mighty Things" is a phrase used by professionals at NASA and shared the photo attached here where it is seen that it is written in a work room. As well recalled a post on the social network by the Space Agency where this expression was used on February 19, the day of arrival on Mars.

The concrete meaning is something like "dare to be powerful", something that alludes to the ambition of the agency.

Bajali received a response from Allen Chen, also an engineer from JPL and one of the protagonists of the Perseverance mission. He did not tell him the solution, but as he processed it and Bajali was drawing his conclusions in public, He said "almost there" that is, he almost had it. So it seems that the Internet has indeed found the key.

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