The owners of Wordpress have just acquired, one of the giants in the web analytics sector is one of the main web analytics platforms for large companies and online media, providing these audience data and content optimization tools. And it was just acquired by WPVIP.

WPVIP (acronym for 'Wordpress VIP') is the business division of Automattic, the company that created and developed Wordpressas well as "the leading provider of corporate Wordpress".

In a statement published on its corporate blog, the team has influenced the coincidence of values ​​between both companies: "its founding history, its dedication to an open web, its commitment to the democratization of publishing [de contenidos]"...

... and explains that your entire template will be incorporated into that of WPVIP, adding to the current Automattic template, which already includes more than 1,300 employees from 77 different countries, spread over several subsidiary companies, such as, WooCommerce, Tumblr or JetPack.

Automattic, the company behind WordPress, launches P2, the 'lightweight Slack' they have used internally for years to telecommute will not be restricted to Wordpress sites

But how will and Wordpress VIP coexist? Will the services of the first be linked to the use of your CMS?

Well, although from they claim to have "a lot of ideas" on how to use their product to improve WordPress business sites, they also want make it clear that it can continue to be used with other CMS:

"For WPVIP, content management is just one part of a much larger market for digital experiences. Just as you can use Adobe Analytics without using Adobe CQ or Experience Manager (AEM), users will be able to use our product without using WordPress or WordPress VIP. "


Thus, they explain that "with the addition of, WPVIP is beginning to offer a way for any site or application, running any CMS (or even several), to use a first-level content analysis system"

However, they explain, before reaching this agreement, the open source plugin for Wordpress it was already "the most popular way to implement on websites" (Nothing strange, since approximately half of the websites with CMS on the Internet use Wordpress).

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