the options you "needed" to look completely ridiculous on your next video call

If you are one of the many people that has happened to use Zoom as your favorite video calling app, especially when it comes to participating in a group call with a few people, then you are likely familiar with their backgrounds and filters.

In that case, it is also possible that you have come across a new option that has started to appear in the desktop versions of the application called "Study Effects (beta)"and used to change the color of the lips, eyebrows or even add a beard and mustache to your face.

Anything goes to make meetings less boring

Studio Effects Beta Zoom

The option is not new, but since it is in beta it is not available to all users. You should check if it is available to you by accessing the Setting Zoom and navigating to the section Background and filters.

In the lower right corner you should see a new link to open hidden Studio Effects panel. At the moment, you don't have many options, just some types of eyebrows, beard, mustache and lip color. You can change the color of all those elements.

So you can use Snapchat filters on your PC to make your video conferences more fun or fake a bad connection

The result is completely ridiculous, and surely this is not something anyone needed, but if you happen to spend hours a week in meetings over and over again, this kind of nonsense can kill the boredom a bit.

Available study effects are likely to expand and we can add more things, as well as with the filters and funds. In the meantime, if you want even more crazy effects for your video calls, you can always try Snapchat ones.

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