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the lighter app now includes Reels

The lightest Instagram app for Android introduces a new feature that reduces the distance between versions: Instagram lite now offers short videos from Reels. With this move, users of the Lite version have direct access to content similar to TikTok.

Lite applications are a variant that Facebook usually offers its users. Aware that their 'normal' mobile apps fatten up your weight and performance with filler featuresThose who want a lighter experience have Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite at their fingertips. Also Instagram Lite, although this app is not currently available worldwide. And now it adds functions.

The TikTok of Instagram also in the Lite version

Instagram Lite Reels Screenshots of XDA Developers

Instagram introduced its short TikTok videos to the platform and then associated them with a shortcut in the bottom menu of the app. In this way users can easily see the reels of their followers no need to have them intermixed in the timeline of pictures. And Instagram Lite has decided to do the same when it has decided to introduce support for Reels.

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As we can read in XDA Developers, Instagram Lite includes Reels support within the app; thereby increasing the functions of an application that should be as light as possible. From now on, users (currently in India) will have access to short Reels videos to play on their smartphone; with the disadvantage that they will not be able to upload their own videos, only play the Reels published by others.

Access to Reels is located in the lower menu of Instagram Lite, in a position similar to that occupied by that content in the 'complete' Instagram application. With the difference that the Lite version does not include access to the store (for now) and keeps the shortcut to uploading content in the center of the bottom menu.

Instagram Lite is available in few territories, most likely you cannot download it from the Google Play Store. Yes, you can use the APK: you have the application in Apk mirror. We have tested and access to the Reels still does not appear outside of India, the interface is likely to change only in that country.

Via | XDA Developers