The installation of Windows 10 May 2020 Update is already offered, eight months later, to all users

On May 28, 2020, Microsoft released Windows 10 May 2020 Update, one of its big little updates of the year. It did so by releasing the second version of the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL 2), which caused us to name the year "the Linux one on the Windows 10 desktop"Added to this were cool but minor features like the ability to reset Windows from the cloud, optimized search, and more.

However, it has not been until now that Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 May 2020 Update, or Windows 10 2004, is offered to all users, as the Redmond company found that it no longer causes problems on the computers on which it is installed.

Many users have not been offered so far, which is not problematic for security because the old versions also receive patches, but which shows that the rush that Microsoft is giving in wanting us to update is not related to reality.

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Windows 10 20h2

What Microsoft has officially confirmed is that this version of Windows 10 now ready for a "massive rollout". That does not mean, however, that so far it is an update that few users have on their computers.

Microsoft does not offer official data, but as we know from AdDuplex and its monthly report, in November the 2004 version was already on 37.6% of the computers in the system. The latest version at that time, the October version, was already at an 8.8% share. Now it has added 3%, reaching 16.8%.

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But going back to the May update, from that 37.6% it has gone to 39.8%. This global availability is sure to produce a great boost in your quota. Of the versions with a time, highlights the 31.2% that still holds the November 2019 Update, a version known for being small and like 2004, bringing little change.

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Gone are the problems of the October 2018 Update, which grew very slowly due to it, and in January 2019 it had only a 12.4% share compared to the 16.8% mentioned in its equivalent version of 2020.

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