The Google Assistant now allows you to create routines that are activated at dawn or dusk

The Google Assistant and the application to control our home Google Home they continue to improve their routines. After adding the presence routines to detect whether or not we are at home, now comes another way to activate the routines: dawn and dusk.

With this novelty we can finally schedule actions We want them to run in the first rays of the day or when sunset begins to remove natural light. This is very practical for programming the lights in the house.

Dawn or dusk

If now we are going to create a new routine we will see that after clicking on '+ Add first element as now in addition to adding a voice command or a time, we can select the new option Dawn or dusk.

How to add Google Home routines as a shortcut to your mobile desktop

Sunrise Dusk Routine Google Assistant

After selecting one of these two options, we can now choose which days of the week we want to repeat automatically said routine. Then we will have to configure what action we want it to take when the Google Assistant detects that it is already dawn or dusk.

To know what time the action is going to take place, we just have to ask the Google Assistant "what time is sunrise / sunset?" In the Northern Hemisphere, as the days are now lengthening, each day rises one minute earlier and dusk one minute later.

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