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The best TikTok dance challenges

Get inspired and have fun with the most popular dance challenges on TikTok

It is not news that in TikTok We can find challenges of all kinds and colors, to be done as a couple, alone or in a group and can range from showing skills to performing the strangest tasks you can imagine.

The best TikTok dance challenges

We show you the most popular TikTok dance challenges.

Within the most popular challenges that we can find in the app are the dance challenges. These types of challenges have become extremely viral and have reached a large number of countries, so that we can see the same challenge carried out by someone in China, Argentina, Spain, Australia or practically any country on the planet.

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Today we are going to show you some of the most popular TikTok dance challenges.

The best dance challenges to watch on TikTok

As we have already mentioned, those of dance are from most popular challenges that we can find, but, in addition to having to have certain coordination and balance skills, a dose of grace and good humor is necessary, something that is not usually lacking in these types of videos.

Oh na na

East dance It is to be done as a couple and requires great coordination between the participants to avoid hitting or falling.

It is a very fun choreography in which both people must perform movements in a synchronized way.


Let us count if you have tried to do this dance and if you did it without accidents.

The eighties wave

Blinding Lights is a song by the group Weekend and their music is very reminiscent of the 80s. TikTok they took advantage of this to perform videos imitating a choreography with characteristics like those of the dances of that time, in the best style Foot Loose or Flashdance.

In some of the videos we can see very funny situations, but also a lot of skill and coordination.


Surely more than one this video produced a flashback to the time when this type of music was danced on discs.

Clap your hands

From the chest of memories, _ Get Busy_, a song from 2002, resurfaced. With this music, ** TikTok ** users created a choreography based on the movement of their arms. So as not to be mistaken in this challenge it requires a lot of concentration, mental agility and speed.


What memories did listening to this song bring you again?

The shoulder dance challenge

East dance with shoulders became very viral thanks to musixislife2022, the tiktoker who chanted it. It is a fairly easy choreo to do but it still takes a bit of practice to get there.


Have you already tried to do it?


This popular theme of Megan Thee Stallion It has a choreo that incorporates many movements of hands and hips, the idea conveyed by the lyrics is to look sexy and wild.


Surely you spent hours in front of the mirror practicing those movements, would you like to tell us?

High School Musical

The popular Disney movie is characterized by having a large amount of musical content and many, many choreographies.

In this case, actress Ashley Tisdale home-recorded a dance That quickly became viral and many users from all over were recorded copying their movements.


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Have you already practiced the steps at home? TikTok has thousands of viral challenges to do at home and have a good time having fun.

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We hope you tell us what dance challenges you liked more in TikTok and if you dared to do them.

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