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The best coaching apps for Android

Improve your life and boost your development with the support of these apps, the best coaching apps that you can use on your Android.

Although it seems strange, take care of the mind it is something you can do using your mobile phone. Using coaching applications, you will be able to obtain the necessary tools for your personal development, enhancing those aspects that benefit you the most and eliminating or changing those negatives.

In the Google Play Store you can find dozens of applications focused on this personal training. To make your task easier, we have taken care of selecting the best coaching apps for Android and we will talk about them in the following lines.

Android coaching apps

These are the best coaching apps for Android.

Top coaching apps for Android

Challenges, questions, games, lessons ... The coaching applications that we recommend in this guide have different tools to help you improve on a personal level, to take care of your mind. You can all of them download for free to your Android mobile or tablet. Let's get to know them thoroughly.

  • Primed Mind
  • Me I
  • Personal Coaching
  • Practical NLP
  • Success Life Coach
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Primed Mind


Primed Mind is a free coaching app that has different functions to relax and find motivation for personal and professional challenges. Specifically, these are elements of hypnotherapy, meditation techniques, mindfulness and self-help experienced who come with the voice of Elliot Roe, professional coaching.

Create daily habits, rest your mind at night or in your spare time, challenge yourself with new challenges, learn about meditation with theoretical lessons and treat yourself well by doing those activities that you like the most. All of this is possible with Primed Mind, with more than 200 audio sessions to help you.

Me I


Taking care of your mind and psychological well-being is something that you can also do with the Meyo coaching app. This app tries to give you the necessary tools to improve your self-esteem, calm anxiety and increase your confidence.

To achieve this, Meyo proposes a series of challenges that you must meet progressively. They can be related to issues such as self-esteem, low mood, stress, or anxiety. In addition, this app also encourages you to create healthy challenges to achieve a fuller life. Ultimately, its objective is your personal development and for this it offers you a series of content designed by specialists.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching App

Open your mind with the questions in the Personal Coaching app.

The operation of Personal Coaching consists of posing a series of questions that you must answer in order to open your mind and get out of your comfort zone.

Are more than 100 questions which you will have to ask yourself if you use the help of this coaching app, with detailed explanations and differentiated according to objectives. You also have the possibility to select the ones you like the most to save them in the "Favorites" section.

Practical NLP

Practical NLP App

The Practical NLP app also includes coaching questions.

In the very complete Practical NLP application, based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP), we also find coaching questions to enhance your development personal and professional and improve your life. They come with detailed explanations so that you can think through the answers well and get closer to your goals little by little.

The best Android meditation apps to disconnect from everything App is an app that helps you achieve all your purposes.

Another coaching app for Android is, where you can set your personal challenges and keep track of your progression. You can choose purposes such as getting fit, your personal growth, learning a new skill or improving your relationships with other people, for example.

With the help of the user community you will be able to learn other points of view on the questions you ask yourself. Unfortunately, this app is only available at the moment in english.

Success Life Coach


The last coaching app that we want to recommend is Success Life Coach, made up of tools focused on helping you manage your life, increase your productivity and achieve all your goals.

For this, Success Life Coach has a daily routine planner, a personal diary to reflect your thoughts, a plan to better manage your time and a complete productivity system. You can also make a tracking your emotions and develop healthy habits to take care of your mind.

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