The best app to scan documents on Android is completely renewed

Microsoft updates its app to scan documents with the mobile: now it is called Microsoft Lens and it arrives loaded with news.

For us, Microsoft Office Lens has been the best app for Android for years when it comes to scanning documents and digitizing them. And everything indicates that from now on the difference with respect to the rest of the alternatives will be even greater, since Microsoft has announced a great renovation full of improvements for this utility.

So, Office Lens is renamed Microsoft Lens, and will premiere a good handful of new features that can be useful when scanning documents with your mobile.

Scan file to Excel for Android

Microsoft Lens is the best app to scan documents on Android.

Office Lens is now Microsoft Lens

Among the new functions that come to the application, Microsoft highlights the inclusion of smart actions on the Microsoft Lens camera.

Thus, it is possible pass images to texts, images to tables or images to contacts based on the content that has been scanned.

In addition to that, an “immersive reader” has been added to facilitate the reading of documents. It will also be possible read QR codes using the Microsoft app, without having to resort to one of the many QR readers for Android that exist.

The experience when scanning documents has also been improved with this update, giving the possibility of reorder pages, edit scanned PDF files or apply filters to all images in a document. In this sense, the possibility of scan up to 100 pages as images or PDF, and the choice between cloud or local storage is easy when saving documents.

The renaming and app icon It has already been carried out in its version for iOS, and it is possible to download the latest available version of the app through the Apple App Store. However, it will be Android users who can get the latest from Microsoft Lens first, through a new version of the app that will be available on Google Play in the next few hours.

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