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The best alternatives to Clubhouse for Android

While we wait for Clubhouse to come to Andorid, why not give these apps a try?

You have been hearing his name for weeks and if you thought that Instagram or TikTok were the most popular “social networks” today, you were very wrong because Clubhouse has overshadowed them overnight. But what is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a social network that combines streaming content and podcasts, creating a hybrid between both formats. We could say that it is a Twitch but exclusively for audio. The problem is in beta, it can only be accessed by invitation and for now, it is exclusive to iOS.

What about Android users? What alternatives do you have at the moment? Well, today there is no application identical to Clubhouse, but we can use the odd app to achieve more or less the same result. So while we wait for Clubhouse to come to Android, why don't you give these apps a try?

The best alternatives to Clubhouse on Android

What is Clubhouse the exclusive audio-only social network

Clubhouse, the exclusive audio-only social network only available on iOS

  • Discord
  • WhatsApp and Telegram audios
  • Stereo
  • Spoon
  • Twitter



Discord is the best application to create a community on a specific topic and talk about it. Be it a group of students, fans of a video game or lovers of literature, Discord allows us to meet people with our same tastes and share experiences.

Does it look like Clubhouse? Well, Discord has text channels with which you can talk as if it were a chat of a lifetime and also has voice channels, making the interaction more personal and close with the rest of the community members. The best of all? It is multiplatform and totally free.

WhatsApp and Telegram audios

WhatsApp and Telegram look little or nothing like Clubhouse but they can do the same function while we wait for their arrival on Android. We only create a group of a specific topic and instead of communicating through text, we use audios.

The advantage of this is that practically everyone has these applications installed on their devices, they are available for Android and iOS and unlike Clubhouse, no invitation is necessary to use them.


Stereo is an audio-based social network which honestly has the same functions as Clubhouse. With it we can connect live with other people through voice conversations just as if we were having a coffee with all of them.

With Stereo we can access a wide variety of live or previously recorded shows and the most curious of all and with the aim of encouraging participation, all users automatically participate in a weekly ranking for the best show, with cash prizes.



Spoon is not a social network but a voice streaming service. Something like a radio application but with more interaction. That is, we create our own channel and we can chat with our listeners live and direct.

Themes? The ones we want. Music, video games, politics… everything has a place at Spoon. No ads, no subscription required, and free. The bad? That practically all the content is in English.

What Twitter is preparing: Spaces


But what does Twitter have to do with Clubhouse? In principle nothing but we all know that the 140 character social network is always updating itself and if you recently added the stories or also called Fleets, the same will do with the voice notes.

It will be called Twitter Spaces and basically it is a real-time voice chat service that is currently in the testing phase and in which only some people have the power to create a room. That is, direct competition for Clubhouse and considering the popularity of Twitter today, it will surely be a success as long as they do not delay too long.

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