The 7 best alternatives to Google Chrome for Android

Tired of Google Chrome? These are the best alternatives that you can download and use on Android.

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world. But that doesn't mean it's the best. On Android it is possible to find many alternatives to Google's web browser, just as powerful - or even more -, and with functions that are not present in Chrome.

So if you are tired of Google Chrome and are looking for a good alternativeToday we are going to select the best ones that you can download and use on your Android device.

Alternatives to Chrome for Android: the best you can use

In this selection we have chosen browsers that can really serve as an alternative to Chrome, both for its number of functions and for its compatibility with the latest web technologies. Most also have some of the most popular Google browser featuresHow can the sync with their corresponding desktop apps. All the chosen browsers can also be download totally free.

Best alternatives to Google Chrome on Android

We select the best alternatives to Google Chrome that you can use.


One of the Chrome-based browsers most respectful of privacy that exist. Brave is a project that was born from the idea of ​​the creator of JavaScript programming language and former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich.

Today, he amasses a community of millions of users around the world, who have left Chrome aside to use this version, with functions as interesting as tracker blocker, bookmark synchronization or support for HTTPS Everywhere technology.

The application can be download totally free, and in addition to its version for Android, there are variants available on iOS, MacOS and Windows.

Samsung Internet

Samsung Internet, browser for Android

The Samsung Internet browser for Android.

Samsung decided completely renew your mobile browser a few years ago, making it compatible with most Android phones and loading it with interesting functions. So, Samsung Internet It has become one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome.

It has different protection and security functions, dark theme for web pages and, as the main notable function, extensions that allow you to get more out of to the application.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Preview for Android

The new design of Mozilla Firefox, with a dark theme.

A classic of the web browsers. Although there are those who consider that it is no longer among the best web browsers for Android that exist, Mozilla Firefox is still a good alternative to Chrome, even more so since it was updated to completely revamp your user interface.

Now, Firefox stands out for being lighter, easier to use and faster. Despite this, it maintains the functions that make it special, including the sync with desktop version.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge has grown tremendously in recent months

If you are more familiar with Microsoft services and applications than Google, you are probably Edge is the alternative to Chrome most recommended for you.

The latest version of Microsoft's browser is based on the same engine as Chrome, so that we find functions inherited from Google's browser, such as the possibility of sync tabs and bookmarks with the desktop version. For this reason, and for its fantastic performance, the browser has managed to surpass Mozilla Firefox in number of users.


If you are looking for a alternative to google chrome maybe not as well known as other applications, Vivaldi it can be an interesting option. It's about a privacy-focused browser, with interesting additions like a side toolbar or the possibility of having two floors of tabs for better organization.

Opera Browser

Opera browser for Android

The Opera browser for Android keeps getting better with new features.

He has been one of the Most used alternative browsers to Chrome, and over the years it continues to improve with new functions and additions. Opera is, for many, the best mobile browser that exists for its ease of use, variety of functions, and smooth operation.

Although there are different Opera versions for Android, the original is usually the first to receive the most interesting news, and the one that offers the best overall performance. Also, if you decide to use this browser to replace Chrome, you can download desktop version to sync your history and bookmarks.


It may not be as famous as other alternatives, but Bromite is a fantastic option if what you are looking for is a free, lightweight alternative to Chrome without too many add-ons beyond what we could find in the Google application.

Bromite is a free and open source browser, based on Chrome and with added privacy improvements. Without a doubt, a fantastic option that you can start using by downloading through repositories such as F-Droid if you are considering switching to a lightweight browser for Android.

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