Telegram launches widgets and invitations for groups with QR code in its latest beta

The Telegram version 7.5, currently in beta testing, launches various functions in the Android app; which can already be tested: widgets desktop to pin channels or chats, invitations to Telegram groups using QR codes, automatic deletion of messages also for groups and more.

Telegram's progress in terms of innovation within messaging remains unstoppable, not in vain it is one of the apps that has the most options under its umbrella. Yes, Telegram allows you to exchange messages, calls and files, but not only that: its catalog of options begins to be endless. Successive updates contribute to this; like the one that is thrown at us with version number 7.5. It can already be tested.

More options for groups and greater security

Telegram Beta Self-deletion of messages in Telegram groups

Telegram 7.5 places special emphasis on the administration of public groups. With the latest version administrators can create junction links with the option to add expiration. That is, they will have access to limit the invitations by time and by users; with the possibility of sharing the link via QR code.

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Another novelty of the groups is the message self-deletion. Administrators can limit the time that new letters will be active: from 24 hours to seven days. After time all the written messages disappear.

Since version 7.5, group users can report content that does not conform to group rules (or that is outright abusive). Simply click on any message to then click on the report menu. You will have to choose a reason from the list or write your personal assessment.

Telegram Beta Share invitations by QR code

The last important novelty of Telegram 7.5 is related to widgets: from this version it is possible to attach two interactive elements of the app to the desktop.

Telegram Beta Telegram widgets

One of the widgets allows you to pin shortcuts to the chats you want; the other offers the latest messages received by a specific conversation, either group or direct contact.

Telegram Beta Conflict messages report

Version 7.5 will soon be distributed in the Google Play Store, but at the moment it is limited to the beta. If you want to download it on your Android, you can go to AppCenter.

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