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TeamViewer enables remote access via the web and with any browser

TeamViewer has announced a "Customer Website" for its plan users Remote Access, Premium, Corporate or with Tensor licenses. Explains the company, an expert in offering remote control software for equipment, that the HTML 5 available on the web allows users remote access secure to other devices through Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers.

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This means that a connection can be started from the TeamViewer Management Console contact list, which can also be accessed online. The web for clients too allows access through Windows, MacOS and Linux devices using a full version of TeamViewer, TeamViewer Host or TeamViewer QuickSupport.

Management from the browser


Remember that TeamViewer users now have access to the web version of the TeamViewer Management Console, through which they can monitor and manage their devices.

What's new is that now with the remote access web service, users can establish a TeamViewer remote control connection from your own browser via the TeamViewer Management Console without having to install TeamViewer.

The service encryptions are end-to-end and include proven functionalities such as controlling input devices, updating, locking or restarting the computer, as well as activating the security screen, which darkens the screen of the accessed computer.