Stanford University publishes a free online SwiftUI programming course for iOS

Although, according to Gartner data, Android leads the global market for mobile operating systems with approximately 86% of devices in use, iOS market share maintains its second position with solvency thanks to the choice of the owners of 14% of the world's mobile devices.

This, together with its complete ecosystem for programmers, makes Apple's mobile development tools are a favorite of industry professionals.

And users are always 'on the hunt' for good educational resources to learn how to use them, as they tend to be less frequent than their Android counterparts.

A free access course

Stanford now introduces a new website that groups the conferences of the spring 2020 edition of your iOS Application Development course, as well as all support material that was provided at the time to the students (slides, assignments, readings, demo source code, etc.).

SwiftUI: history and first steps to make your own interface

Traditionally, this course was conducted in person, but the start of the coronavirus pandemic forced the university to change the format, allowing now we can have access to it for free and without prior registration (although, of course, all the material will be entirely in English).

In addition, since the course is based on the SwiftUI language, the website includes a specific section to address the latest changes in that language (announced during the Xcode 12 conference) and how they affect the code in the course samples, as they were provided to students shortly before the Apple Developer Conference took place.

The first lesson of the course introduces the basics of programming with SwiftUI, and then delves into topics such as the MVVM pattern, interface elements, object-oriented databases, access to the file system, integration with UIKit, etc. until adding a total of 14 lessons.

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"Unfortunately, we are not able to offer the same kind of direct support that we gave our students (online questions and answers and office hours with teaching staff, homework grading, etc.) ...

... but the materials posted here should still be helpful in understanding the lectures while viewing them.

And, as we urge our students, doing homework is absolutely essential to understanding the material in this course. "

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