Spotify joins Wordpress to make it easy to convert written posts into podcast chapters

Spotify announced today, during its Stream On event, the launch of a series of new tools and functionality intended to help podcast creators create more interactive content:

"Historically, podcasting has been a one-way street, from creator to listeners, with few opportunities for feedback. But with Spotify and Anchor, creation and listening technology come together in the same ecosystem, allowing a one-way relationship. return".

Thus, they have already started testing in beta mode with some selected podcasters some functionalities such as questions / answers or surveys, which they hope to expand to other creators in the coming months.

Also in the coming months, and progressively, they will begin to offer content creators the option to add video to your podcasts when they publish through Anchor, thus making it possible to complement the audio with a visual section.

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Another improvement: Spotify has already launched the Music + Talk format, which allows creators incorporate songs from the Spotify music catalog directly into your narration.

Wordpress + Anchor

But those will not be the only ways to improve the interactivity of podcasts that Spotify plans to bet on. In fact maybe The most remarkable In this sense, the Spotify announcement is everything surrounding Anchor integration (the podcasting platform Spotify bought in 2019) with WordPress.

The objective of it? Getting the written content of the posts published in WordPress can be converted directly into podcast chapters (either read by us or through automatic text-to-speech conversion), allowing you to attach them to the relevant post from the WordPress administration panel itself.

That ... and what podcasters can easily create websites for their podcasts too making use of the Automattic CMS. The tools that allow you to carry out both functions, both already available, allow you to perform both tasks in "a few clicks", and seeks to help creators broaden their audience by reaching a whole new audience.


Let's not forget to monetize

But not only does the podcaster live on interactivity, and Spotify is also looking to improve the monetization section. Thus, Anchor Sponsorships allow podcasters to read ads with their own voice during podcast breaks.

And finally, Spotify announces that, in the future, they also plan to test new functionality that allows podcasters to "explore new sources of income through paid subscriptions compatible with their listeners", making it easier for them offer additional content exclusively for paying subscribers.

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