So you can use Mailoji to create an email address with emojis

Are you still using an email account @ or @ in the middle of 2021, with all the options you have at your disposal to personalize your online presence and differentiate yourself from others? And why not resort to, for example, emojis?

That is the question that the creators of the Mailoji service should have asked, which basically consists of provide us with an e-mail address with the following structure:

[nombre de usuario]@[emoji].[extensión de dominio kz/to/gg].

Yes, as it sounds.

An e-mail that does not replace the 'traditional'

Be careful, that does not mean that you can do without your old email account, because Mailoji's is just a redirect account, which does not allow the sending of emails (although on their website they promise that this will change in the future).

The true meaning of emojis: because neither the flamenco is a flamenco nor that face is angry

And, in addition, your contacts can send you an email to genbetero.💻.kz, but you you will continue to receive it in the 'traditional' account that you have linked to that address.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that many online forms in which we have to enter our email daily they won't recognize this account as a valid addressAlthough users of services such as Gmail or iOS mail will be able to send emails without problems to our new address.

You have 250 emojis to choose from, and getting a Mailoji address costs $ 4.99 per year. In most cases, we can only accompany said emoji with the domain extension .kz (corresponding to Kazakhstan), although in some cases it will offer us the option of accompanying it with a .to or a .gg.

Given the characteristics of this service, its use seems to be mainly focused on making your email visible in the bios of social profiles, on a business card and in CVs.

Steps to follow:

1) On the home page of the web, you enter a username and select one of the 250 available emojis. You click on 'Get it' to check if the combination is available.


2) Click on 'Add to cart' to add the address you requested to the 'shopping cart' ... or some of Mailoji's alternative suggestions.


3) You pay and set up your account. 😀

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