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Many Twitter users have already encountered a new function within the "More options" tab located on the left of the main page: "Newsletters" or "Newsletters" (for those who have their profile configured in English).

This is how, discreetly, the social network begins to offer its users a new tool from Revue, the company he acquired last week.

First, what are these Revue newsletters for? Twitter counted on the day it announced the purchase that the company is "in a unique position to help organizations and writers grow their readership faster." The objective is that organizations, writers and publishers can send their own newsletters and reach a wider audience and power monetize your services.

How to integrate Revue features on Twitter

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After accessing the new feature in "More options" a pop-up window appears explaining very briefly that this is possible thanks to the integration of Twitter and Revue and it promises its users that they can earn money from paying subscribers and analyze interactions in their newsletters. You can enter the blue box that says "Find out more."

By clicking on this button, the following option arrives: that of the Permissions that Revue requests from those who want to integrate the new tool. Among other things, you must give permission to post and delete Tweets on your behalf, and interact with Tweets posted by others (like, unlike or reply to a Tweet, a Retweet, etc.) on your behalf. "

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After accepting the conditions, the organization, publication or writer you can access the edition of your next newsletter. There are two parts. On the one hand, on the left, is the edition of the body of the email or newsletter. You can include text, links to other websites and files such as photos, videos or tweets. On the right are four tweets. The last ones you have published (not the ones you have retweeted, whether with a comment or not).

Revue can be integrated with many other tools and platforms

In addition, there is also the option to connect this new newsletter with other social networks. To the right of the tweets that are previewed, there are three horizontal dots. After clicking on them, the option to "Connect source" or connect source will appear.

By accessing, you are sources to which the newsletter can be connected They are: Twitter itself, Facebook, Pocket, Instagram, Refind, Medium, Product Hunt, Instapaper, RSS Feeds, Feedbin and Dribbble.

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In addition to social media that can be used as a source to add to the newsletter, Revue and Twitter can be integrated with other tools. There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers that can be added. Too can join Stripe for paid features (Writers, publishers or organizations may include paid content in their newsletters). Contacts can also be imported from Mailchimp (another website to send newsletters), with Zapier, with LinkedIn, with your wordpress website, with Drupal Module and with SignUp Forms so that more people can register for this newsletter.

How to create a newsletter and how is the interface

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The first thing the tool asks for is to start by choosing a topic for the newsletter you are going to send. At the beginning there is a title that says "Weekly newsletter of (name of your profile) - Issue # 1".

Below is the option to put a text. It's optional. At the bottom, in the interface of that newsletter there are different options: you can include an H1 (this is another title), a text, a link , videos, images or tweets in the body of the message.

By selecting one of those options, it will appear as a new exclusive module for what you have chosen. If you later decide better not to use that module, you just have to put the mouse over it and wait for two squares to appear on the left. At the three points, when pressing gives you the option to "remove item", that is, remove that module.

There are also arrows pointing in 4 different directions. By clicking on those arrows pYou can choose where to place the module inside the newsletter. Further, if you place the mouse between two modules, the aforementioned options will also appear and you can click on one of them to create a new module. This speeds up the process, since it avoids the need to go down the web to get to those options below.

Designs, subscribers and results

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In addition to the options mentioned, the Revue newsletter integrated with Twitter offers different designs to create the newsletter. To do this, in the upper right corner, the logo of your Twitter profile appears. Clicking on it appears 'Account Settings', 'Your settings' or the option to exit the account. In 'Account settings', there is the option of designs to choose from.

Regarding subscribers, emails can be imported From the Mailchimp service, you can add new mails manually or import a mailing list through the CSV system or by copying and pasting the addresses.

In the "Insights" section, you can see the impact of those newsletters that you are going to send. On the one hand, they show you what percentage of people who have received the newsletter, have opened it and what percentage of them have entered the attached links within the newsletter. Other information is how many more people join the campaigns and how many decide to unsubscribe so as not to receive the newsltter again.

Newsletters are the new podcasts and Twitter will not be the last to jump into this pool. It seems that Facebook is working on creating its own system about.

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