so you can share apps with your friends without Wi-Fi or data

One of the most anticipated features of Google Play Store it's here. Now we can share your applications with your friends and family via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct. Announced last December, the integration with 'Nearby Share' begins to reach our mobiles.

Google Play Store Lance 'Share with Nearby' in its update to version 24.0 (APK). Now Internet connection will no longer be required for share apps and updates with the people who are close to you.

Share apps with Google Play

Play Store Share Nearby

This new feature is found in Play Store> My apps and games> Share. In this new tab we can send or receive applications with Share with Nearby.

How to download from Google Play applications that are not compatible with your mobile

Share apps with Nearby requires our location to detect nearby people, therefore, we will have to have the location activated and accept its corresponding permission.

Play Store Share Nearby

To send one or more applications we have to click on the option 'Send', we select the applications to share and confirm by clicking on the send button. It will show us a window at the bottom with the nearby devices. We touch on the mobile of the person who previously clicked on the option 'Receive' and wait for them to confirm the sync code. The selected applications will be shared via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Direct, thereby you will not need to have Wi-Fi or data.

Google Play Store shows the size of the applications that we are going to share and then the progress of the transfer. Once the applications are received, the user will have to install the applications or updates received.

Play Store Share Nearby

As expected, Google Play Store only allows us share free download apps. Paid apps are not listed.

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