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YouTube's global audience already exceeds two billion users per month, so the popular Google video platform is forced to periodically reinvent itself to continue to maintain that success. Over the past year, he gave his player a facelift and tested important new features, such as chapters or Shorts (short vertical videos).

For this 2021 that we have just started, YouTube is preparing more functions and improvements that we will learn about throughout the year. However, Google has already wanted to give us a preview explaining some of the news that will soon reach YouTube.

Creator and viewer enhancements

As Google itself explains in its blog, "it is our duty to provide the ideal space for creators and, at the same time, provide the public with the best viewing experience." And with that goal in mind, they are preparing important news that will arrive throughout this year.

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These developments are aimed, on the one hand, at redefine the video experience for users, making it more personalized, and on the other, to offer more resources and monetization opportunities to creators:

  • Easier navigation with chapters- This year, YouTube has committed to making more changes across devices, starting with expanding the functionality of chapters to be added automatically. They have also promised to renew their design for tablets.

  • Improvements in Virtual Reality- YouTube currently supports SD, HD, 4K, VR, and HDR video, as well as live content on almost all devices with an Internet connection, from personal computers to mobile devices, game consoles and VR viewers. This year, they plan to redesign the experience on the YouTube VR app home page to improve navigation, accessibility and search.

Youtube 2

  • More personalized music content: YouTube Music, which already has more than 70 million official tracks, plans to release more mixes with personalized content to accompany daily activities (doing sports, concentrating on something, relaxing) and moods. In addition, there will be more functions for those who are dedicated to creating their own playlists and it will make it easier for users of the platform to discover the playlists that other people create.

  • YouTube videos for children: YouTube Kids, which currently has more than 35 million users each week in more than 80 countries, will offer new tools for parents, including an option that will allow them to select videos and channels from the main YouTube platform to include them on YouTube Kids.

Youtube Kids

  • 4K and TV downloads: YouTube TV will also bring new features, including a new option that allows viewers to watch available shows in 4K or download them to their DVR to play them later offline. Also, this option will add unlimited simulcasts at home to enjoy YouTube TV on different screens at the same time.

  • Shorts Release: Shorts is currently available in beta in India, but in the coming weeks they will expand the beta test to the US, so it is likely that this new format that allows recording short content with mobile, will reach other countries .

  • More monetization opportunitiesToday, YouTube Partner Program (YPP) creators can make money with nearly ten different monetization options, from running ads to selling promotional items. Following the success of Super Chat and Super Stickers on live streams, they are testing a new clap feature that they will launch across the board this year.

Youtube 3

  • Integrated purchasing- In order to take advantage of the growth of e-commerce, YouTube is beta testing a new integrated shopping experience, which will allow users to make purchases from trusted and recognized creators directly on YouTube. News about this feature will be announced soon.

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