Samsung announces the Galaxy S21 with plenty of room for 8K video, right?

The Galaxy S21 can record 8K video. The question is, is your storage ready for it?

Although last year's Galaxy S20 already included this possibility, Samsung has decided to make the 8K video recording one of the most attractive aspects of the new Galaxy S21, publishing even videos in which the firm takes its chest out of this function.

And to be able to capture 8K video you need, in addition to a high resolution camera –108 megapixels in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and 64 in the Galaxy S21 and S21 + -, a large enough internal storage as to be able to store the huge files generated by the camera when capturing these types of videos. Is that, or else have some type of external storage that allows to expand the capacity of the deviceHow could a microSD card.

But for the first time in years Samsung has eliminated the possibility of expanding the internal memory capacity of his Galaxy S21, just the year in which he seems to want to bet stronger than ever on the 8K video recording. This leads us to ask ourselves a question: do the Galaxy S21 have enough memory to record video at 8K?

Video with Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra allows you to record video at 8K resolution.

How much does an 8K video occupy?

As indicated at the beginning, the Galaxy S21 are not the first terminals of the company capable of capturing video at this resolution. At the time, we already analyzed the files exported by the Galaxy S20 in different resolutions, to check how much the videos occupied based on the chosen resolution.

Thus, we were able to verify that a 1 minute long 8K 24 fps video would occupy a space close to 890 MB, almost four times more than a video recorded at Full HD + resolution and 60 FPS would occupy, and 100 MB more than a 4K clip at 60 FPS of the same length.

The lack of expansion by microSD, can it be a problem when recording 8K video?

Although Samsung says in its latest announcement of the Galaxy S21 that the terminals have "enough storage to capture 8K video", the reality may be somewhat different.

And is that the base versions of the three models that make up the series have 128 GB storage. An amount that until a few years ago could be more than enough for most users, but that today, in this type of devices focused on creators and with the ability to capture large size and resolution videos, they may seem somewhat scarce. Especially when there is no possibility of expanding the memory via microSD card.

If we translate this problem into numbers, we will see that, based on tests carried out by AndroidAuthority, the 128 GB model - which actually offers 100 GB to the user - would allow to capture about 2.8 hours of video before displaying the “Low Storage Available” notice. That, assuming the device was used just to record video, and not to install applications, save documents or take photos. That, without going into the photos over 30MB that we can capture using the S21 Ultra's 108 megapixel camera.

It is very likely that most buyers of the Galaxy S21 are not going to suffer from problems of this type. After all, the option to record 8K video is nothing more than an add-on intended to demonstrate the capabilities and technical advancements of the devices, and not something that will be used on a daily basis.

But that does not mean that the fact that Samsung has dedicated an ad to advertise what could be considered one of the -few- weak points of the Galaxy S21 attract attention, especially because there are many other positives of the terminals that could have been featured in this video, rather than the questionable decision to remove the slot for microSD cards of its latest terminals focused on a public mainly made up of creators.

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