Same Energy is a visual search engine that shows you images with the 'same energy' as a keyword or another image

A few years ago, back in 2018, a meme was born that continues to live among us today. Consisting of compare two photographs with the same energy, two images that for some reason transmit the same to us because they have some visual similarity or not.

Starting a little from that premise, although going a little further, the visual search engine Same Energy developed by Jacob Jackson is born.

This search engine, which is in beta, works thanks to deep learning

Beyond the obvious

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Same Energy is an image search engine that claims to be completely visual. We can search for photos from a simple keyword, writing it in the corresponding field, or uploading an image by clicking on a camera icon and choosing the desired one from our team; we can also paste it.

Same Energy works by searching for keywords or another image; The results, beyond showing us visually similar images, throw snapshots with a similar artistic style and 'state of mind'

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The result, beyond showing us visually similar images for the objects or environments that appear in them, will show us snapshots that offer an artistic style and a state of mind, to be able to say it in some way, similar. Images with same energy.

This search engine, which is in beta, works thanks to deep learning. When we access the web, without looking for anything, we already see a selection of different images with a something special. In addition, at the top, Same Energy offers us a series of topics in which they group snapshots that can inspire us.

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