Pornhub will use biometric technology to verify all users who upload porn to the platform

Having removed all unverified porn from the platform, Pornhub has announced that it will now use biometric identification technologies to verify all users who upload videos porn to the site.

This means that anyone who wants to be verified in the Pornhub modeling program must confirm their identity through the digital identity verification solution Yoti, which check the validity of your identification documents using biometrics.

Pornhub will also expand its moderation team


The decision comes after a couple of months more than complicated for Pornhub, after the strong complaints published in a report by The New York Times about several cases of corruption of minors that were recorded and uploaded to the platform, the company decided to delete around 10 million videos and only keep content verified through its modeling program.

Companies such as Visa or Mastercard disassociated themselves from the portal in December after the complaints, blocking payments on the service indefinitely, a measure that continues. Soon after, a million dollar lawsuit against MindGeek, the internet porn empire behind Pornhub, was filed by 40 victims of a network of sexual exploitation, also questioning the verified content.

Pornhub's response continues to be to strengthen its verification system, and expand its content moderation policies. The company says that platform moderators will begin to be trained more rigorously to learn how to identify potentially illegal material.

Those moderators, according to Pornhub, will have "access to specialized support including health benefits and therapeutic measures, to support them in their critical work." The psychological effects that this type of work has on the people who carry it out have already been described as traumatic in several major companies such as Microsoft, YouTube or Facebook.

The company has also promised to publish a transparency report detailing the results of the content moderation carried out in 2020, including the total number of complaints filed with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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