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One of the most powerful and versatile browsers on Android receives its first update of the year with a huge number of advantages: Vivaldi is now much more customizable. With the latest version it is possible adapt the view of the web as the user wants. And not only that: Vivaldi introduces greater organization of favorites, compatibility with download managers and a QR code reader.

The dominance of Google Chrome is notorious both on desktop and mobile, but that does not mean that there are no good options outside of this browser, even based on Chromium. And one of them is Vivaldi, a popular desktop browser that doesn't do much made the leap to Android bringing much of its advantages. And with frequent updates, like the one we have in hand: the first big version of 2021 is now available.

Change the web code from convenient selectors

Vivaldi Android

The main change introduced by the new Vivaldi for Android is the calls'Actions on the page'(Page actions), a kind of code inspector that allows you to modify the appearance of the web by simply activating or deactivating the different bookmarks. It's like using the 'Inspect' of the desktop browser on the mobile browser; with the option of apply filters to images, improve the reading of the page and even debug the CSS code.

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With the new actions, anyone can adapt the appearance of the newly loaded page without having to fight with its code since just activate or deactivate their respective selectors. All from a simple access in the browser menu.

Apart from the page actions, which are undoubtedly the most noticeable of the latest update, Vivaldi for Android adds the following new features to its application:

  • QR code reader. Integrated into the browser, so that ordering in a restaurant is much easier. The icon is available in the search bar.

  • External download managers. Now you can use another installed browser to manage the download of the files. Vivaldi allows you to choose it from the 'Downloads' option in the settings.

  • 'Speed ​​Dials' favorites can now be filtered for easier location.

Vivaldi Android

The latest update is now available on Google Play, although it may not have been expanded enough yet. If you want to try all the changes right now you can download the 'snapshot' (beta) version.

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking

Vivaldi: fast browser with ad blocking

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