only 50,000 attendees and compulsory tests

The GSMA confirms that, in any case, the Mobile World Congress will return to Barcelona in a face-to-face format (or almost) and with mandatory tests.

We did not know what was coming to us when at the beginning of last year we commented on the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress 2020, although in view of the events that was without a doubt the best decision still counting on the huge amount of money lost by the GSMA and the rest of the industry.

Be that as it may, the World's most important event for the telecommunications sector will return to Barcelona this year, and the organization has been trying for months to confirm it actively and passively, even if it was necessary to delay their dates) we understand that seeking the trust of the main players, even stating in recent weeks that the MWC 2021 will even be face-to-face even though it involves doing mandatory tests.

The Mobile World Congress 2021 will be face-to-face

Yes there will be a Mobile World Congress 2021 in Barcelona, ​​and it will be face-to-face (or almost).

And so it will be, it seems, because the latest information published by the GSMA now reveals more details on how a Mobile World Congress 2021 will be organized that castles its two annual events, celebrating next week the one in Shanghai that was normally held in summer, and moving the fair in Barcelona to the months of June or July, if everything goes well by then.

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA Limited, says that need "Give people a little hope" after having become the first major event canceled by Covid-19, now anticipating the return "To something normal" although special measures are necessary for now.

Confirmed: Mobile World Congress 2021 delayed until summer (goodbye news?)

GSMA Limited outlines its 2021 events in Shanghai and Barcelona, ​​with limitations but with the need to show progress

In fact, as you may have seen, in the note published on the Mobile World Live blog they tell us about China's huge success in controlling the pandemic, something that in Europe we continue to fight tooth and nail.

They say from GSMA Limited that China has become a bubble protected from sprouts thanks to current restrictions, extensive testing and rapid population vaccination, which has allowed them to think about celebrate your Shanghai event on these dates with 20,000 attendees, limiting access from the more than 60,000 who saw the show in 2019.

As for the Barcelona event, also they begin to draw the lines of what this Mobile World Congress 2021 will be in the second year of the pandemic:

We know that Barcelona will be a little different, but also that it is the big stage. Covid-19 requirements will reduce our capacity, and we will not receive 110,000 people with the travel restrictions, testing capabilities, and space limitations with one-way human trafficking through the fair. There is no way.

Thus, we are already clear that MWC 2021 will be held in summer with far fewer attendees to the event, some 50,000 people, according to the current hopes of the organization.

Not only that, but also each and every one of these 50,000 attendees must prove a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours prior to their arrival at the fair, making tests available to participants. in situ that will be available in the access to MWC 2021.

In addition, a "Environment without the need for contacts" that will allow all attendees to register and access the fair without having to approach or contact other people, something that technology itself allows and that the GSMA will promote in this edition, which will be blended with other multimedia events that may be followed from any device.

There are still a lot of details to be outlined, and it is true that it will not be a normal Mobile World Congress, although in the year of teleworking this industry could not afford to lose the opportunity to show progress, although the travel restrictions between Europe and the United States, The United Kingdom and other countries remain in force and will complicate the attendance of many professionals in the sector. We will have to remain vigilant, but what is clear is that yes, this year we will see an MWC 2021… Good news!

The Mobile World Congress 2021 will be face-to-face, or at least that is what the Generalitat wants
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