OnePlus has patented a new way to hide the front camera

This OnePlus patent is not only cheap but also very useful.

One of the biggest obsessions of different mobile phone companies is to make the most of the front of the terminals and therefore making the screens bigger and bigger.

The problem with this is where to place the front selfie camera and is that with the great popularity of social networks like Instagram, selfie camera is a must-have on a mobile phone.

There have been many experiments so that the selfie camera did not bother such as pop up cameras, holes in the screen or cameras under the screen and if we thought that the latter was the best option, now OnePlus arrives and patents a new way to hide the front camera that we liked a lot.

This is the way OnePlus wants to hide the front camera

New OnePlus patent

OnePlus patent placing the front camera on the phone's bezel

The problem with the cameras below the screen is that there is still time to become a standard. At the moment we only know the ZTE Axon 20 5G so it is evident that we have a few years left for it to be a fad in the market.

That is why OnePlus is experimenting with new ways to hide the front camera. Because yes, the notch is the most common but the truth is that it is not the most aesthetic.

LetsGoDigital has been aware of a new patent from the Chinese firm OnePlus and it consists of 23 pages. This document describes a terminal with an OLED screen that would have a small hole in the upper bezel covered with a transparent “plate”. Or what is the same, the camera instead of being on the screen would be in the upper frame of the terminal.

It is honestly one of the most original and useful ways that we have seen to place the front camera of a smartphone since in addition to being much cheaper than placing them under the screen, allows you to take full advantage of the front of the device.

However and as we always say, It is a patent and this does not mean that in the end it will see the light. What's more, no one expects the future OnePlus 9 to have such technology because it will be very disappointed.

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